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The time of implementing 5G radio systems is not only a revolution for mobile network operators and for the individual customers, who thanks to new solutions will receive faster access to the Internet. It is primarily the revolution whose purpose is to implement numerous innovative technologies and solutions targeted at industrial customers. Reliable, robust and fast communication will enable, among others, effective use of 5G networks in the control and management of production processes and will contribute to the development of industry 4.0. The possibility of effective communication with a huge number of devices in connection with the use of artificial intelligence methods is the basis for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) services and the implementation of the concept of smart cities. Undoubtedly, these changes create new opportunities for the region's development. The 5G Competence Centre which has just been established at PŁ will provide support to enterprises in working on new services and technologies. A group of cooperating specialists, with access to unique technological resources and tools supporting design, will focus on the flawless implementation of the project. What is more, a pilot network, funded by the Ministry of Development and currently being created to be launched in May this year at the Lodz University of Technology, will in turn allow for initial verification and testing of new services and device prototypes.

Ladies and Gentlemen
I would like to kindly inform you that on the website of the 5G Competence Center of the Lodz University of Technology we have just published reports and strategic studies [access using the icon on the top bar of the portal: ] of many institutions, including the European Union, regarding the implementation of new ICT technologies, including 5G technology.
Knowledge resources will be updated continuously.
I invite you to read the strategic studies posted on the portal in the dedicated access mode after registration.

Sincerely yours
Prof. Sławomir Wiak DSc, PhD, MEng., Multi DHC
Director of 5G Competence Center

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Photos from the scientific conference entitled: IMPLEMENTATION OF 5G TECHNOLOGY IN THE LODZ VOIVODESHIP AND THE CREATION OF A 5G COMMUNICATION PORTAL organized by the Lodz University of Technology and the Marshal's Office of the Lodz Voivodship, which took place on February 27, 2020.

Project goals

According to the adopted Strategy for the Development of the Łódź Voivodeship and the document 5G Strategy for Poland in which the City of Łódź is recommended by the Minister of Digitization as the first city to pilot and implement the 5G network in Poland. To meet social expectations, the Local Authorities of the Lodz Voivodeship together with the Lodz University of Technology in accordance with the letter of intent signed on 16 September 2019 and the agreement of 10 October 2019 established the 5G Competence Centre.

abstrakcyjna wizualizacja 5G

The main aim of the established cooperation are the activities oriented for the benefit of the local community of the Lodz Voivodship, increasing accessibility, awareness, knowledge and competence in the field of modern technologies centred around the 5G implementations. As part of the activities undertaken, an Information and Communication Portal was created, whose main task is to disseminate knowledge in the field of: 5G technology, the benefits of its implementation in relation to economy 4.0, social and environmental conditions, active support of education and cybersecurity.


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5G technology

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Materials Resources for the Media.

Our ambition is to prepare high quality multimedia resources, research results, computational and statistical data to support independent news publications.

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science and Automatics of the Lodz University of Technology

  5G Competence Centre
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  • dr Katarzyna Żykwińska-Rouba
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  • dr hab. inż. Sławomir Hausman - Deputy Director

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  • dr hab. inż. Łukasz Januszkiewicz
  • dr hab. inż. Łukasz Szymański
  • dr inż. Piotr Korbel
  • dr inż. Stanisław Starzak
  • dr inż. Łukasz Jopek
  • dr inż. Robert Strąkowski
  • dr inż. Piotr Skulimowski

The project is funded

by the Marshal of the Lodz Region and the Lodz University of Technology.

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